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How CRM CLOUD PEOPLE can help you...

By using our proprietary system, we can validate the business case for outsourcing. We maintain historical pricing for telecom products and sources and this allows us to help our clients shorten the sourcing process.

Define Metrics & Requirements.

Requirements gathering are a fundamental and critical first step in any commercial organizations services acquisition strategy. We help streamline the documentation of requirements to ensure your success.

Select Candidate Providers.

CRM CLOUD PEOPLE will normalize the responses in order to quantitatively rank all the provider options. Compare the providers in side-by-side charts, with OUR new, free proprietary cloud software.

Negotiate the Right Contract.

CRM CLOUD PEOPLE uses a combination of historical pricing and trends in the marketplace to develop negotiation strategy for its clients. As a result, our clients are well informed and not negotiating in the dark.

Finding the right service provider
has never been easier

CRM CLOUD PEOPLE's sourcing service eliminates the need to locate, research and qualify hundreds of service providers on your own. WE have partnered with practically every DATA Center service provider in the industry. This saves our clients hours of research and empowers them to make an informed decision resulting in the best pricing possible.

Vendor neutrality is the key to client satisfaction.

Unlike many quote shops that make similar claims, CRM CLOUD PEOPLE is neither a reseller nor a service provider, so we have no conflict of interest and can look after the best interests of our clients. Since we do not compete with our service providers we can develop deeper and higher quality relationships with them. We can leverage this trust to deliver dramatically faster responses and better deals for our clients.

Security Assessment | Cloud Services | Data Center Colocation | IaaS-PaaS

Security Assessment | Cloud Services | Data Center Colocation | IaaS-PaaS