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Thought Leadership

Donnelle Chisolm

VP OppenheimerFunds

“I worked with John for many years and whenever I had challenges with our CRM/ John was always available and ready to assist. Not only was he professional and friendly but extremely knowledgeable on what needed to be done. When our Social Media Program was introduced his training and attention to detail was always on point. He would always have suggestions to help me enhance my profile in addition educate me on what additional resources were available to me.”

Wendy Ehrlich

VP OppenheimerFunds

“John was instrumental in educating me on the uses of both LinkedIn and at OppenheimerFunds. He always took the time to help me look beyond the basic use of these platforms and leverage them to maximize their impact on my business. He’s a great innovator and EXTREMELY effective at motivating the end user! I would work with John again in a second!”

Brian Kiley

Divisional VP

“John did a great job working with our Salesforce on LinkedIn including helping develop professional profiles and how to utilize Sales Navigator capabilities to help generate sales. John also conducted branch training for our clients such as Merrill Lynch. John is always willing to help and going out of his way to leverage CRM and Social Media technologies to help our sales people be successful.”

Yasawi Pulavarti

Omni Channel
Leader at HEB

“John is a very strong leader in the CRM, digital, and retail technology space. He has a wide variety of experience and would be a strong asset in any company. He is self motivated and encourages his team to perform at the highest levels. He gets the job done. I enjoyed working with John in a implementation. Highly recommend John and would work with again if there was an opportunity.”

John Crowley

GP of Cardinal Health

“He is the Gary Vaynerchuk of”

Tony Busacca

Principal at On
Course Advisors

“John has been a long-standing advocate and participant at The CRM Forum. His insightful and well-thought-out comments truly adds value to the ongoing dialogue towards the exchange of best practices. He has a thorough understanding of the CRM Space and is very willing to share that knowledge.”

John Hauryluke

John Hauryluke

John Hauryluke, the founder of CRM cloud people, is a renowned thought leader in the CRM (Customer Relationship Management) space. He specializes in planning, implementing, and optimizing the multi-channel sales process for some of the world’s most respected brands and professional practices.

CRM Cloud People brings John and his group’s experience to work for your brand, ensuring your brand breaks through the digital clutter, driving critical metrics that ultimately boost your bottom line.
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